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I encourage you to browse around my site as I’m constantly writing full, un-biased, reviews of workout programs as well as in depth articles on nutrition and proper supplementation. If you are looking to lose weight, get ripped, are gain muscle than look no further!

Superdave-Schmidt-FREE Personal Fitness Coach - P90X P90X2 INSANITY, BeachbodyI am deeply committed and passionate about helping you achieve all of your weight loss, health, and fitness goals from my trusted experience, extensive fitness knowledge, and proven successful weight loss plans.

Whether you are new to exercise workouts or fitness is currently your passion, both TeamBeachbody® and I are excellent sources of information, motivation, and inspiration and will serve as your FREE personal fitness coach.

I was long into fitness before joining the TeamBeachbody Coach community as a personal fitness coach and  was one of the first in the world to become a P90X Certified Professional. In addition to P90X, I have gone through may programs like INSANITY, INSANITY Asylum, P90X2, RevAbs, Ten Minute Trainer, and more. I’m not just into Beachbody and fitness, I live for it!


f you are currently a TeamBeachbody member, than you were randomly assigned a Coach. You should try contacting your coach to seek their support, but members are free to switch Coaches as often as they like. You should have a personal fitness coach with experience that is willing to help you reach your goals!

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