Success Stories


Success Stories

What inspiration? Check out these amazing results from a few of my members! Success Stories Trouble Carter pressed play with P90X for 90 days and lost an amazing 61 pounds and 7 pant sizes!

  • 255lbs to 194lbs
  • 43 waist to easily slipping into size 36 pants
  • Suffering to jog HALF a lap to jogging 2 miles and some change straight.( thats about 9 1/2 laps)
  • Daily headaches from eating bad to a headache free life
  • 0 pull-ups to 6 unassisted pull-ups
  • 0 mason twist to 15 nonstop mason twist
  • 0 push-ups the beginning of this year to now 25 straight

Ashley Jackson's INSANITY results!I am proud and excited to announce that one of your fellow SUPERTeam members, Ashley Jackson, is a 2013 Beachbody Challenge Quarter Finalist!

Ashley has lost over a staggering 90 pounds and 8 dress sizes using INSANITY and Shakeology. She looks amazing! Just look at her smile as that says it all. She is now super happy, confident, and feeling fantastic after pressing play with Insanity and getting results.

Wendy B Shakeology Turbofire ResultsReady for FREE Personal Coaching?!?FREE Personal Fitness Coaching from Coach Superdave & TeamBeachbody!

I’m so proud of my August 30 Day Shakeology Challenge winner, Wendy B! She has had an amazing weight loss journey. She was so inspired from her results she picked up TurboFire and continued her Shakeology to lose an incredible 35 pounds and counting!

Cody_Before_After_P90X_ResultsCody is one of my online P90X group Challengers with awesome P90X Results, losing 58 pounds.Insanity and P90X 100 pound weight loss results!

He then ventured onto INSANITY and INSANITY: Asylum to cross the 100 pound loss barrier. Amazing!

Chris K P90X Ripped Results!Chris K totally destroyed P90X! Look at how ripped he got with only 2 rounds.


Check out my 90 day P90X Results. P90X really does work to get ripped, leaned, and toned!

 So if you to want to get into the best shape of your life, sign up for your FREE TeamBeachbody membership. I will first take the time to listen to your story and struggles, find the perfect program to match your needs, and will personally help you get the BEST RESULTS. Let’s do this together!

FREE Personal Fitness Coaching from Coach Superdave & TeamBeachbody!