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Shift Shop 3 Week Workout Results

August 15, 2017

So people have been asking me, “How is the Shift Shop workout routine working out for you?” “Um, how about AWESOME!?!!?” I’ve lost 6.8 pounds in only 3 weeks and dropping below 180 in only my second week. 180 is my frustrating plateau mark and I smashed that and still going strong. The program is […]

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Hammer and Chisel Release Date

The Masters Hammer and Chisel December 1, 2015

The wait is nearly over–The Masters: Hammer and Chisel will be released on December 2nd! Never before have two Beachbody Celebrity Trainers teamed up to create one amazing home DVD workout program. Everyone is talking about this new program and have been counting down the days until the Hammer & Chisel release date. Be sure […]

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Body Beast 2 Release Date

July 16, 2015

Body Beast 2 July 2015 Summer Release Date? For the past 2 years, Body Beast 2 has been the #1 request among my clients, friends, and family. Unfortunately, nobody knows if it’s even in development. Gone are the days where top coaches such as myself were privy to inside secrets as with the boom of […]

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P90X3 Double Workout Day

January 20, 2014

With my P90X3 group starting on Monday, Dec 31 2013, everyone is really loving the program and one topic kept coming up: Is it okay to add a second P90X3 workout? Absolutely! But first read this article. Several of the veteran P90Xers found that the 30 minutes just wasn’t “enough” for a workout, as they […]

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P90X3 – Price,Sale, and Discount Review

December 8, 2013

P90X3 is finally here, are you excited like the rest of us? Keep reading to make sure you get exactly what X3 gear you really need, and at the best price.   There are several P90X3 package kits to choose from, but note that ANY package will have the bonus P90X One on One: On […]

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Focus T25 Review

October 17, 2013

Welcome everyone! I’m here to give the full scoop of the new and amazingly successful workout program by Shaun T, famous trainer for Insanity (currently the #1 fitness program in America). Read my Focus T25 review to learn why this program is already an instant favorite among many Beachbody fans. It’s fun, exciting, and only […]

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Focus T25 Discounts, Price, and Package Options

October 17, 2013

Looking to order Focus T25? Awesome! Let me explain the different package options, what they include,the BEST way to save money, and how to get your FREE T25 bonus workout! First of all, any T25 package option you order from my site will include the FREE T25 bonus workout: Core Speed. Retail value of $19.95, plus […]

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X-Beast Schedule – Body Beast / P90X Hybrid

October 7, 2013

Body Beast vs P90X, which is better? They are both great programs that can yield awesome muscle gain results so I decided it was only natural to finally create a Body Beast/P90X hybrid schedule to maximize muscle gains. Some of you may already know this, but a few years back I was known for always […]

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Body Beast for Beginners

September 11, 2013

Let me be honest, Body Beast is tough. You will work hard. You might be sore and tired a lot. But if you COMMIT you WILL GET RESULTS. The Body Beast program uses a high volume, advanced weight lifting technique called Dynamic Set Training. If you want to gain muscle and size the most efficient […]

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Body Beast Review – Day 15 Build Back and Biceps / Shoulders

April 11, 2013

Day 14 – Body Beast Build: Back and Biceps It’s amazing how well I am feeling right now. For starters, I wake up early morning and slam a heavy Body Beast workout, but my energy levels, recovery, and stamina are at an all time high. It must  be for three reasons: 1. Excess Calories. I’m […]

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