Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris Review

by on August 29, 2012

Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris workout ReviewWelcome to my Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris workout review and get ready to feel the burn!

I was most excited to take these Body Beast Tempo workouts for a spin because I knew that they are the perfect home workouts to give that awesome muscle pump. This will lead to an increase of muscular hypertrophy, meaning enhanced muscle growth and gains.

Body Beast Review - Workouts - SupplementsBoth the Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris and Body Beast Tempo Back and Bis workouts are mostly scheduled in the last, BEAST Phase, but I decided to make the Body Beast Chest and Tris review first as part of my Body Beast review series.

To date, only the Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris and Body Beast Tempo Back and Bis workouts heavily emphasize the eccentric motion. This is the “down” part of your range of motion when doing an exercise. For example, when you do a bicep curl ‘up’ that is the concentric motion, but when you come back down that is the eccentric motion.

Why is that important? Because over the short-term, strength training involving both eccentric and concentric contractions appear to increase muscular strength more than training with concentric contractions alone. Translation? This is how to get bigger muscles!

Focusing on the eccentric motion is the key to boosting muscular strength, breaking past plateaus, and enhancing muscle gains which all lead to increasing hypertrophy. Yet surprisingly, many workouts still ignore this crucial technique. P90X touches on it briefly, with those killer 3 in one pushups from the P90X Chest, Shoulders, and Tris workout, but sadly most Beachbody programs don’t emphasize it very much.

As a P90X Certified Professional and Beachbody Coach, I am often demonstrating this advanced techniques with my clients to further their muscle growth gains and results. I outline this practice in my P90X Advanced Tips as well as many other useful techniques.

Sagi Kalev, being a champion natural bodybuilder, has created the Body Beast Tempo workouts solely to blast our muscles an increase muscular hypertrophy and strength. If you have never heard of felt a muscle ‘pump’ then you are in for a real treat!

Where can I find the Tempo Chest and Tris Workout?

The Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris workout for FREE in either the Body Beast Huge Stack or the Body Beast BEAST Stack. Plus, when you order any Body Beast package from my website you also get the FREE Body Beast Lucky 7 workout! Check out my Body Beast Review for details.

The Tempo Chest and Tris workout begins with a very brief warmup of mostly 2 second count pushups. Like with many other Body Beast workouts, you will be doing Progressive sets, sometimes referred to as Pyramid Sets. This is where you start out with lighter weights, high reps and with each subsequent set you increase the weight while lowering the target reps.

However, the whole Tempo Chest and Tris workout focuses on specific timing of your reps. For the first set of 15 reps, you will do a slow count of 6 seconds in each direction. Thinks this is easy? Think again. You know you’re in trouble when Sagi only picks up a pair of 25 pound dumbbells for the first set of Dumbbell Chest Presses!

Doing eccentric sets, which I’ve always referred to as negative sets to my clients, has long been a favorite method to boost strength and to break past muscle gaining plateaus. So I knew to leave my ego out of this and choose lighter weights, but for people accustomed to heavy weights this technique  can take some time getting used to.

At first the light weight may seem like nonsense, but as you get past the half way mark you should start feeling the burn. Utilizing eccentric motions is one thing, but a slow second count compounds the negative effect to make the exercise even harder. In fact, when my clients have maxed out on their weights and can’t afford more dumbbells, I advise them to use negative reps until they can add more equipment. Feel the burn peeps!

With each progressive set the count changes and at the end you are doing a 3 second count in both the concentric (up) movement and  eccentric motion. So overall, you are always focusing on building muscular strength by hitting your muscles in a different way. Tony Horton would be proud as this is “Bodybuilding Confusion” at work!

However, I must admit that tracking these slow counts in my head was rather difficult and it may take some practice. Sagi is constantly counting aloud so if you are off sync by only a little, that may throw off your mental count as it did mine. Plus you still have to count the reps themselves too!

Another minor annoyance is that doing slow and long counts on a stability ball was rough on my neck and I was wishing for the first time to have a real workout bench. I have always been fond of stability balls as they are easy to store and actually help to improve your body core. I should point out that I’m using the blue stability ball from P90X2, so I’ve decided to upgrade to the bigger, gray stability ball from TeamBeachbody.

The gray stability balls are more suited for people 6 feet or taller. Being 5′ 11″, I’ve decided the bigger stability ball would be a wise investment for all my weight lifting and bodybuilding programs. Since I’m talking about Stability balls, I should point out that the TeamBeachbody balls are very sturdy and even heavier than other commercial brands which makes them the best stability balls I have ever used. Very pleased with the quality.

Before moving onto the next progressive set of exercises, you will be doing some advanced ab crunches. This is called “Active Rest.” although not quite as insane as Shaun T’s version from Insanity Asylum. I like this idea as you can rest while still doing some other workouts.

At the end of the Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris workout, you blast your triceps muscles by doing Supersets of slow count Tricep Kickbacks and slow count Triceps Chair Dips. I have always had an affinity for tricep moves and so I had I powered my way through and had a killer muscle pump afterward!

Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris Review Conclusion

I can’t praise these Body Beast Tempo workouts enough because negative reps are so important for building muscular strength. Obviously, the more strength you have, the greater your muscle gains will be in your other workouts. I applaud Body Beast and Sagi Kalev for having these workouts as they will help to enhance your bodybuilding muscle growth gains.


Get Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris workout for FREE in either the Body Beast Huge Stack or the Body Beast BEAST Stack. Plus, when you order any Body Beast package from my website you also get the FREE Body Beast Lucky 7 workout! Check out my Body Beast Review for details!


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Martin September 17, 2012 at 2:14 am

after reading this post I picked up light weights and did the workout for the first time. My muscles were on fire! Thanks for the tips coach!


superdave October 2, 2012 at 12:13 pm

You bet Martin. BEAST UP!


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