Beachbody Body Beast Workout Reviews

In Depth reviews from Coach Superdave for all the Beachbody Body Beast workouts. Learn tips on how to enhance muscle growth and hypertrophy. Are you a mass gainer? Then you have come to the right place!

Body Beast 2 Release Date

July 16, 2015

Body Beast 2 July 2015 Summer Release Date? For the past 2 years, Body Beast 2 has been the #1 request among my clients, friends, and family. Unfortunately, nobody knows if it’s even in development. Gone are the days where top coaches such as myself were privy to inside secrets as with the boom of […]

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X-Beast Schedule – Body Beast / P90X Hybrid

October 7, 2013

Body Beast vs P90X, which is better? They are both great programs that can yield awesome muscle gain results so I decided it was only natural to finally create a Body Beast/P90X hybrid schedule to maximize muscle gains. Some of you may already know this, but a few years back I was known for always […]

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Body Beast for Beginners

September 11, 2013

Let me be honest, Body Beast is tough. You will work hard. You might be sore and tired a lot. But if you COMMIT you WILL GET RESULTS. The Body Beast program uses a high volume, advanced weight lifting technique called Dynamic Set Training. If you want to gain muscle and size the most efficient […]

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Body Beast Review – Day 15 Build Back and Biceps / Shoulders

April 11, 2013

Day 14 – Body Beast Build: Back and Biceps It’s amazing how well I am feeling right now. For starters, I wake up early morning and slam a heavy Body Beast workout, but my energy levels, recovery, and stamina are at an all time high. It must  be for three reasons: 1. Excess Calories. I’m […]

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Body Beast Review – Day 13 Build Legs

April 9, 2013

Today I’m on Day 13 of my Body Beast review journal with Build: Legs from the HUGE Beast schedule. Holy crap, another brutal workout and I”m spent. Starting with today, I decided to alter my preworkout shake to add a little more protein to my Body Beast Fuel Shot so it’s more of a 3:1 Carb to […]

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Body Beast Price Options

April 9, 2013

Ready to order the Beachbody Body Beast workout and get huge and gain some serious muscle? Then BEAST MODE is on! If you are new to TeamBeachbody, than anything you from my site will automatically assign me as you your personal Coach to help you with your goals. Click here for my full Body Beast […]

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Coach SuperDave 90 Day Body Beast Journal!

March 28, 2013

My 90 Day Body Beast Journal Finally, the time to BEAST UP is here! I’ve been waiting to hit the full Body Beast HUGE Beast workout schedule for a long time now. I’m ready to gain muscle, size, and get huge! Actually, I started Les Mills Combat in January for the 2013 New Year Resolution “kick off,” but suffered […]

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Body Beast Workout smartphone app now available!

January 25, 2013

It’s finally here! Beachbody has released a Body Beast workout iphone app! Are you a Droid user? There’s a Body Beast droid app too! Those of you that have been using the the P90X iphone app, but now doing Body Beast have wanted this baby for a long time. Last month, the P90X2 iphone app […]

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Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris Review

August 29, 2012

Welcome to my Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris workout review and get ready to feel the burn! I was most excited to take these Body Beast Tempo workouts for a spin because I knew that they are the perfect home workouts to give that awesome muscle pump. This will lead to an increase of […]

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