Shift Shop 3 Week Workout Results

by on August 15, 2017

New Shift Shop Home Workout!So people have been asking me, “How is the Shift Shop workout routine working out for you?”

“Um, how about AWESOME!?!!?”

I’ve lost 6.8 pounds in only 3 weeks and dropping below 180 in only my second week. 180 is my frustrating plateau mark and I smashed that and still going strong.
The program is a fun challenge with a new, supremely awesome trainer, Chris Downing–now my favorite Beachbody trainer. Plus the carb cycling plan worked amazingly well!

What is the Shift Shop Workout?

My Shift Shop 3 week results!Ramp up, ramp down. Huh? Hear me out– the first week you do 25 min workouts and on a normal carb plan, which is roughly 50% of your total daily calories. On week 2 the workouts ramp up to 35 minutes, with added intensity, and the carbohydrate amount swings down about 15% (with Fat, protein, and veggies going up). Week 3 adds even more challenge and is now 45 minutes, but now your carbs are hovering around 20%.

What do this all mean? This program and nutrition plan is designed to ramp up your metabolism and burn more fat. It totally works! I will say right now that I am NOT on the new bandwagon of long term low carbohydrate with exercise. This state is known as Ketosis which forces your body to use fat for fuel when it has no glycogen to utilize. Carb cycling, however, is something I’ve always wanted to try as doing anything to make your body ‘guess’ is a good thing in my opinion, as the body is an amazingly adaptive machine.

With results these good these first three weeks, I’m extending another three and can’t wait to see the results! I’m continuing the lowest carb week and the workouts revert back to 35 minutes. Each week my carb amount will go up with some new 45 minutes, then 50 minute workouts from the Shift Shop Deluxe set. It’s going to be a final blast finish!

Join my Shift Shop Online Support group!

I always have a mixed Beachbody workout support group, but right now I have a Shift Shop exclusive. Want to maximize your results? Join others doing the program and receive free Coaching to get the best results! Contact Coach SuperDave today to get started!

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