Understanding Body Beast Dynamic Set Training

by on November 8, 2012

Body Beast Review - Dynamic Set TrainingStrength Training Sets Review Part 2: Dynamic Set Training

In Part 1 I explored the sets you mostly encounter with P90X. I continue my review here with the Body Beast Dynamic Set Training method.

The Body Beast Dynamic Set Training is more advanced and intense than your traditional training. For newbies and/or inexperienced, can easily lead to overtraining which is a very nasty state to be in which often leads to poor results and/or workout plateaus This is why I caution guys to not start Body Beast without some kind of training behind them such as P90X.

In order to do execute the Body Beast Dynamic Set Training method effectively, you really need to be in tune with your body to be able to make necessary weight changes to get the best results. As with any set technique, you will have to pick a weight that makes it difficult to hit your desired rep target. Go over your rep target, you need more weight next time around. If you fall short of your target, then you went too heavy.

As with any workout, write down your results! Don’t be a novice, record your results so you can make adjustments the next time around. Click here to find the P90X and Body Beast workout sheets. So are you all ready? Okay, time to gain muscle and get results!

Combo Sets These are interesting and you see them periodically in Body Beast. It’s like a Super Set, but rather than do two workouts sets back to back, you combine the two exercises into a single rep. For example, in the Body Beast Bulk Chest workout, using the same weight you do a Close Grip Chest Press followed immediately by a Dumbbell Fly, all counted as one rep.

Giant Sets – Essentially a Tri Set comprised of at least 3 exercises that all target similar muscle groups. You won’t see Giant Sets in P90X, but you see them often in Body Beast as part of its Dynamic Set Training method. Like with Super Sets, the idea is to move from exercise to exercise with little or no rest.

Giants sets go much smoother if you pair up isolated (single muscle group) exercises with compound (multiple muscle group) exercises. A perfect example of a Giant Set is the Body Beast Back and Bis (Biceps) workout. In this workout, you do 3 different back exercises in a row to exhaust your muscles. You will start with Ez Barbell Rows, then One Arm Row, and lastly the isolated move, Back Flys. This is how you BEAST UP and get some serious muscle gain results!

Progressive Sets –These are an advanced spin of the common ‘Pyramid Set,’a very popular bodybuilding method. Pyramid sets are designed to help you increase intensity as you work through the exercise routine. Each time you lift weights in a set, your weight goes up, but your reps goes down to represent a ‘pyramid’ shape. You actually see this method labelled as ‘Single Sets’ in Body Beast.

A ‘Reverse’ Pyramid is simply where you start out with heavy weight and low reps and go in a reverse Pyramid set. This is especially good if you want to focus on building strength to break past muscle gaining plateaus.

But as part of Sagi Kalev’s Dynamic Set Training method, he combines the normal and reverse pyramid to create Progressive Sets! This set is designed for maximum overload as one integral part of Body Beast workout program to grow muscle size and strength.

An example of Progressive Sets is with the Body Beast Bulk Chest workout where you do Incline Press Progressive Sets. You start with a lower weight with high reps, and continue raising the weights with your rep target falling. After 3 sets, you take a break. Then you start again by repeating your last set, but now go down in a reverse pyramid.

Drop Sets – Drop Sets are another key component in the Body Beast Dynamic Set Training method and are also great plateau breakers. I have been sharing this technique with my P90X clients for a long time now. Click here to see more of my P90X advanced tips to break training plateaus.

When you train a muscle hard there will be a point where that muscle reaches muscular failure. That means that it can no longer manage the task you are asking of it and you physically won’t be able to continue your set. This is the norm when training, especially the last set of any exercise. If you don’t go to failure, you won’t get results!

Although the individula feels exhausted, the muscle isn’t actually completely exhausted. If you were then to ask something easier of it, such as lifting a lighter weight, you’d most likely find it capable again. After working a muscle group to exhaustion (muscular failure), you’d then immediately move on to a second set of a lighter weight and go to failure again. To further your Drop Set, you may drop the weights again and go for one last set to failure.

These are much tougher than they sound and a good rule of thumb is to drop the weight about 25% each time. By utilizing the muscle in this way you can get the most intense workout and force the muscle to work as hard as it possibly can. This is how to get Body Beast results, baby! I was happy to see Body Beast use Drop Sets, but in general they should be used sparingly to avoid overtraining. You will often do one Drop Set as the last part of a set in a Body Beast workout.

Forced Sets –Like some of the other set names in my review, this term is used loosely to describe different techniques. I’ve always known Forced Sets to define “Assisted” steps. This is where a spotter helps assist you to do more reps after you have hit muscular failure. When going solo, these are sometimes referred to simply as “Rest Pause” techniques. This is where you go to failure, rest 10-15 seconds, then pick the same weight up and go for to failure again.

In the Body Beast workouts, Forced Sets is the term used to describe the popular 5×5 strength training set. This is where you do 5 sets of 5 reps, with only 1-3 seconds of rest in between! With the Dynamic Set Training style, you use the same weight for the entire 5×5 set. This may take some trial and error to get the correct weight to max out at 5 reps on your last set. Assuming you did it correctly, with each week you should start with start with a slightly heavier weight.

Tempo Sets – This technique is often ignored in many programs but are a key component of the Dynamic Set Training technique to build muscular strength and muscle. It’s also one of the best sets to feel the muscle pump, or ‘burn.’ Tempo Sets are slow count repetitions and MUCH harder to execute than they look or sound.

A properly executed Tempo Set will heavily emphasize the eccentric motion. This is the “opposite” part of your range of motion when doing an exercise. For example, when you do a Chest Press and push up, that is the concentric motion, but coming back down is the eccentric range of motion.

Strength training sets involving both eccentric and concentric contractions can increase muscular strength more than training with normal repetitions counts alone. Focusing on the eccentric motion is the key to boosting muscular strength, breaking past plateaus, and enhancing hypertrophy (gain muscle). Time to make some serious muscle gains!

An example is the Body Beast Tempo Chest and Tris workout, where you will do as much as 6 seconds in each direction. Les Mills PUMP uses varied Tempo Sets too as part of its Rep Effect technique.

Understanding Body Beast Dynamic Set Training – Part 2 Conclusion

One of the key components for getting results is to vary your program. This was the foundation for the P90X “Muscle Confusion” philosophy that so many people are now familiar with. Thankfully, Beachbody programs are designed to add variety that will not only help you get ripped, lose weight, and gain muscle, but avoid those nasty workout plateaus. You seriously can’t go wrong with one or our programs as you get a personal trainer in your own home with a very successful program to get results!

Regardless of your Beachbody program, I seriously hope you have a good Coach helping you with your goals! If you don’t have a TeamBeachbody Membership, then sign up for free at my site or anything you order here will automatically assign me as your Coach. Otherwise, click here to learn how to switch your Beachbody Coach.

I host exclusive Facebook workouts groups for many of the Beachbody programs to provide daily coaching and provide group motivational support. So let’s work together to get awesome Body Beast results!

I hope you liked my post as my goal is to give something of value to all my readers. If you like what you read at my site, please leave a comment and share this post with your friends!

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David Gardner May 26, 2013 at 5:36 am

The “whole dynamic” set aspect of Body Beast is what sets this workout apart. I cant imagine just doing straight sets again.


superdave May 26, 2013 at 8:16 am

It definitely kicks it up a notch to give more compounding results. BEAST UP!


none July 6, 2016 at 4:47 pm

“If you fall short of your target, then you went to heavy.” Wrong word used here. It should be “went TOO heavy.” Thanks…


superdave July 11, 2016 at 11:41 am

Oops. Good catch, thanks!


phillip picanso July 16, 2016 at 7:58 am

I loved reading this article on how you break down the body beast sets and what they mean.
I start a new job next week and it will be three weeka beforw i can get some dumbells and order the body beast work out. I use to train years ago and after a rotator cuff repair and being a single dad ive putt on the pounds. Recently ive decided to make the change to get back in shape. Do you have any tips to help burn fat and gain muscle just by absolute basics till im able to take it to the next level?
Any advice is appreciated.
You can email me or find me on facebook


superdave July 16, 2016 at 8:36 am

Thanks for the compliments Phillip! I would be happy to help shed those pounds. I’ll message you and we can chat. You can also sign up for your free TeamBeachbody account if you don’t already have one. Or switch coaches.


Alina smith April 13, 2018 at 10:54 pm

Nice article its very helpfull thanks for sharing


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