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by on January 9, 2016

STATurday Weight Loss ResultsI get a lot of clients and readers that tell me they lose a lot of weight in the first week of their workout routine, only to notice a drop in the second and are disappointed. This is actually rather common, and not a bad thing at all. So why do people commonly see a higher weight loss result in the first week? Let me briefly go over some of the causes.

Today is Day 5 of my Coach Team’s Hammer & Chisel Support group on Facebook. The Masters: Hammer and Chisel is the latest hot workout release from TeamBeachbody and the workout that I am personally doing as well. Every Saturday we do “STATurday” which is a time to weigh in and assess our progress, one of the many things my Coach team will do to support our members. Some of our members were reporting big losses  so let me break it down for y’all.

If you are following the nutrition plan provided with your Beachbody workout and seeing an unusually high week 1  weight loss result, it is likely because you have switched from a typical American diet, loaded with preservatives, salty foods, fatty foods, etc. to a healthy diet.

Different Weigh In Times

First I need to rule out this significant factor. A weigh in should be done the exactly the same way, every time, for an accurate assessment. My best recommendation is first thing in the morning before food or water and right after using the bathroom. This will serve as your baseline. That should make sense. Don’t believe me? Try weighing yourself in the morning, then at night, and in the morning the next day. You will see a difference even if you aren’t on a diet or workout routine. This is due to a variety of factors which I’m about to cover.


No seriously, your fecal matter will play a factor as well, especially for bigger people with a higher calorie intake. Much to the chagrin of most women, guys can literally drop a pound or two in the toilet with a #2 visit to the bathroom. This is why I recommend also weighing in on Fridays as well, to take the 2 day average. There have been many times that my members have been disappointed to see a small weight loss result from the week only to be ecstatic to see a big drop the next day after my recommendation to weigh again.

Red Meat

Following up on the heels of poop talk is the very slow digesting red meat. Now many would say red meat is unhealthy as it’s often loaded with saturated fats and vegetarians will argue that red meat is a very harsh on the digestions system. Both are very true, but red meat does have some benefits. First, it’s an excellent source of protein. Red meat is also actually a great source for Vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and even Vitamin D (for those winter days without the sun) and much higher than of white meat. Saturated fats get a bad rap, but they are still essential, especially in men. Very low saturated fats have been linked to a drop in testosterone levels which can handicap your workout results among many other undesirable factors.

At any rate, the main point I want to focus on here is that red meat digests very slow, anywhere from 24 hours to 72 to fully digest. All that time it’s in your intestines and therefore adding weight. Keep that in mind as you continue on your weight loss journey. Should you avoid red meat? That’s up to you, but I enjoy red meat once a week in my typical routine.


High sodium intake is directly related to water retention and there are even some people who are particularly sensitive to sodium’s effects. Your body has a normal balance of sodium and potassium and eating salty foods will only upset that balance. This results in your kidneys not being able to as effectively filter excess water from your bloodstream. The result? Water retention, meaning your body actually holds on to that water as opposed to a trip to the bathroom. 1 gram of salt, or 400 milligrams of sodium, can lead up to 2 pounds of water weight,  according to The Wellness Corner at Towson University. The good news is the water weight will be expelled when your balance is restored.

So if you are eating a typical American diet, only to switch to a Beachbody healthy nutrition plan that is very low on sodium, you’re going to see some big water loss. (Btw, another reason to frequently drink water to stay hydrated while on an exercise routine.)


All foods are eventually broken down to glycogen, the pure form of energy that fuels the body. Yes, this even means Fats although they have to go thru a conversion process first. Carbohydrates are merely converted to glycogen the fastest. Glycogen is stored in the muscles for ready us as a quick source of energy. We expend glycogen every day, not just for physical activity, but for even the most basic survival mechanisms such as breathing or pumping the heart.

If you switch to a low carb plan, your body is storing less glycogen and can affect your weight. Granted, this isn’t going to be much and the impact is more noticeable on men, but I thought I’d throw this in here for completeness’s sake.

Actually, Sagi Kalev, from Body Beast and Hammer and Chisel, is known to use a carb (and sodium) depletion plan just before a photo contest. All professional bodybuilders and body contest contestant have some kind of crazy crash plan right before a contest with the goal of shredding up. Going low carb forces the body to do it’s best to store more carbohydrates as the body MUST have glycogen for fuel. So Sagi intentionally depletes his carbs for a few days, then BAM!-eats a big carbohydrate meal sometime before the photo finish casing the body scrambles to convert and store as much glycogen it can, having been so uncomfortably low in the week prior. The result is his muscles will swell so he looks bigger for contest time. Granted, this all depends on how much muscle you actually have on your body frame, but I think you get the picture.

In conclusion, there are a variety of factors that play into weight loss results so I hope you have found this to be helpful. Week 2 measurements are the “real” baseline of how you are doing. If you are not getting the results you want, you need a Coach that is willing to help you! If you dont’ have a TeamBeachbody account ,you can sign up below, or click here to learn how to switch Beachbody Coaches. Good luck with your results and keep going!

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