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by on January 20, 2016

Ashley Jackson's INSANITY results!

Ready to make a change? Awesome, you are in the right place! My Coach team and I have been hosting Challenges on Facebook for years and have helped motivate thousands of men and women to change their lives for the better! Take a look at some of our testimonials:

“So one week down on the 21 Day Fix program and so far so good. I’ve gone down about 6 lbs!” –Jonathan

“Today is day 21 for me! I feel more motivated and determined than I have in a LONG time! As of today I am down 6.6 pounds and 4 inches feeling proud because I earned those pounds and inches!!” –Britt


“I am posting this to Dave Schmidt to say without the invitation you opened on this challenge I wouldn’t be where I am now! I feel more positive and understand how important it is for us to live a healthy life.” –China

“The past 10 days reminded me how good it felt, not only to workout, but to eat right. I feel energetic, not run down. The support and energy from this group is amazing.” –Jason A.

“I can’t believe I am already down 4 lbs since Monday. My body is responding to this diet so great. I will be having Shakeology for lunch and working out every night.” –Michelle G.

Ready to get started?!? Take a few moments to share with me your goals and background and I’ll be in touch with you soon! Feel free to [Like] this post on Facebook and share with your friends too–it’s always more fun and motivating to do a Challenge with friends! 🙂

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