Shift Shop Program 6 Weeks Results

by on September 5, 2017

Shift Shop 6 week resultsThe results are in! How did I do??! Please COMMENT and share!

I finally finished 6 weeks of the new Shift Shop home workout and nutrition plan, and it was AMAZING!!

The workouts were fun and challenging, progressing with intensity and duration each week.

The weekly carbohydrate cycling plan went extremely well, starting with normal amount, then low, then very low. Weeks 4-6 reversed direction for ultimate energy for the last week to really finish strong.

The BEST part? The awesome new trainer, Chris Downing and my team’s online support group.

Chris has so much HEART and PASSION in his soul for empowering us to make changes. He had authentic enthusiasm, energy, and concern for our transformation journey.

And many thanks to all that were in our online workout support groups. You all kept me going with your posts. You guys rock!


Don’t just be a spectator, become one of us and transform your lives for the better too! Check out the video below for a brief rundown on the group support format. We also have fun challenges and prizes too.

Comment below and contact me, I look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!

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