2016 New Year Fitness Resolutions

by on December 28, 2015

Coach SuperDave snowboardGood morning readers! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas vacation with family and friends. I bet some of you are still on vacay–nice! I had a great time with family in our Cabin in the mountains. The snow this year was great!

If you have a sec, I have some important updates for this week. First off, my December Challenge Pack FREE Bonus Gift is still on–but for Dec only! I will give a free Gift, of your choice, with purchase of any Challenge Pack at my store. Once ordered, contact me with your order# and let’s choose an awesome gift you want!

Between my gift and the Challenge Pack, you can save up to $100. That’s crazy awesome! So don’t delay! Reply back and I’ll share the details.

The time for 2016 is near and starting next Monday, Jan 4, my Coach team is kicking off the New Year Resolution season with a clank! As in, our big Hammer & Chisel group on Facebook. Anyone that is doing this program needs to be in this group!! It’s not merely for coaching support–there are tons of motivation, fun, and encouragement plus we are having a cash prize Physique contest too.

What are your fitness and health goals for 2016? My Coach has a support group for any Beachbody program you are doing. So comment below or contact me and I would be happy to have you join us for some serious fun–and serious results!

Now did you eat waaaaaaay too much this Holiday Season? Then you would be interested in our popular 5 Day Clean Eating group, also starting on Jan 4. Our Facebook 5 Day Clean Eating group shows you how to eat “clean” as in super healthy to lean up and refresh.So you will rid your body of toxins, lose weight, and “reset” and feeling great again.

Last but not least, is our Facebook Coach Sneak Peek next Monday as well. Do you love Beachbody products? Have they helped change your life? Why not share that with others and get your stuff for free! Better yet–make extra cash to pay off Santa’s Credit debt, pay a car payment, save up for vacation, etc. This 3 Day Facebook group is a chance to meet my Coach team and learn how what being a Beachbody Coach truly is like–and how it’s an amazing opportunity for anybody.

So Cheers to 2016!! As your personal Coach, I’m super passionate about helping you all be happy with your results. So comment below or contact me and let’s chat about your 2016 goals.

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