80 Day Obsession workout Final Results 

by on April 17, 2018

Here are my final results of my 80 Day ‘Obsession” workout and nutrition plan. I was hoping for a stronger finish, but I unfortunately had to stop one week early because I got sick, plus I haven’t been on point with the nutrition plan the last 2 weeks, but in spite of all that I am happy and pleased with the results.

I lost 6.2 lbs and 4.5 inches, and interestingly, gained a half inch on each thigh. (Lots of Glute and Leg exercises in this workout!)

When I started this program, I didn’t know what to expect, especially with a ‘Booty’ workout once a week. LOL Every day of the workout was filmed individually and available on the Beachbody digital OnDemand. This unprecedented move made for an unbelievable experience. It was like belonging to a LIVE class with a professional trainer in my own home!

The workouts changed every month, and every week the daily workout rep scheme also changed, plus we were all thoroughly challenged. We used stretch bands for hands and feet, sliders, weights, and cardio to be challenged in ways we never had before. But most of all, this workout was FUN!

I want to give special thanks to Coach Stephanie DeLaro for helping me find and invite new members to the group. Many thanks to my repeat members that always post and share with the group, Jessi Robinson, Courtney, Geela Franklin Claudia Barrientos, Julie Dudgeon, and Helen Leslie Johnson(with all her cute fur-ball ‘Coaches.’)

Very glad to see Kristin Reichl join us for the first time, and infuse her positive spirit into the group. 🙂

Mad props to Scott Gore and Shane Johnson, for committing to come back to the group and continue to work on their health journey.

A shout out to the other guys in the group too, starting with Paul Kell, who is a first time Beachbody workout grad, after several attempts at trying. Awesome job Paul!

To my man Vaughn E. Anderson, always the goofball in our group and to Ryan Jamie Snyder, for showing us what it meant to push hard.

Lastly Aaron Bennett for losing an amazing 28 pounds from this 80 Day Obsession workout. Way to go Aaron!

Everyone did amazing and we still have members doing the Obsession from a different start date. We will be accepting new members into our support group soon so please comment below, or contact 

me, if you are interested in learning more and I’ll be in touch.

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