Shaun T Focus T25 Workout Pre Order Release Date

by on May 24, 2013

Pre Order Shaun T's Focus T25 and get a FREE exclusive wristband!Yes, it’s coming, the new home dvd workout by Shaun T: Focus T25!

Shaun T is the trainer behind the massively successful Insanity workouts, as well as the increasingly popular Insanity Asylum (a personal favorite of mine), and his original claim to fame: Hip Hop Abs.

Many of you are anxious to get your hands on a copy, myself included. In this post I’ll let you know how to Pre Order the hot, new Focus T25 program as well as the release date. I’ll also give you a chance to get your hands on the super exclusive, “Get it Done” wristband that you will NOT be able to get anywhere else!

Win a FREE Shaun T Workout!

To celebrate this new, hot workout program release, my SUPERTeam is having a contest where we will be giving away a free Shaun T workout! Watch the video below for details.

What is Focus T25?

T25 is being dubbed as the shortest workout to yield you the fastest weight loss results. Sound familiar? Shaun T introduced Insanity many years ago under the same theme and it has been proven to be extremely successful. As an Insanity Certified Instructor, I have witnessed many of my clients having amazing success from his workout programs.

Just check out Ashley Jackson that lost an amazing 90 pounds from Insanity and Shakeology and was a Quarter Finalist in the Team Beachbody $100,000 Challenge. Click here for her story.

T25 will be a 90 day program and you’ll be working hard from start to finish. Most details have been kept secret, but when I saw Shaun T in Orlando Florida in March, he shared some insights.

First of all, the subject of an INSANITY 2 came up and when we can expect a release date. There is no Insanity 2 currently in development, sorry, but this is what he had to say: (recalled from memory)

“If you think about it..take the long warm ups and stretches from a [month 1] Insanity workout, both in the beginning and at the end, you basically have 25 minutes of a hardcore workout. So in a way, T25 is like an Insanity 2.”

Well said Shaun T. But Shaun also told me that there is a little Hip Hop Abs flavor in the mix. Seems a logical choice since the workout has fast and heart pounding club tracks. Btw, Hip Hop Abs is HOT right now and has suddenly become a new smash hit seller.

In the last 30 days you enter the strength phase, where Shaun T will be giving us weighted exercises. Overall, the new T25 is going to be a mega success and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

What is the T25 Release Date?

Shaun Ts T25 workout is coming out this June to Coaches first, perhaps on June 2oth, to coincide with the start of the annual Beachbody Coach Summit 2013.

Beachbody coaches attending the Summit will get first dibs on getting their hands on a copy and then T25 will be available to the entire public shortly thereafter and available for purchase here at my website. How long of an advance we Coaches get hasn’t been revealed, but I imagine Beachbody won’t let you wait more than a few days.

Can I PreOrder the T25 Workout?

Yes and no. This time around, there is no official Pre Order from TeamBeachbody for the T25. However, I will be taking PreOrders so you can be sure to first to get your hands on T25 before anybody else!

How do I get the FREE Exclusive T25 Wristband?

This is what I’m excited about most. The T25 “Get it Done” wristband is an exclusive to ONLY coaches that order the T25 at Coach Summit. You will NOT get it any other way, not even if you order T25 from my website once it’s officially released.

To get your FREE T25 wristband, you must PreOrder T25 with me and I will order it at Summit. This is your only chance to get the cool wristband and be the first to get your hands on your T25 workout!

How do I Pre-Order my T25?

Simple. First, you MUST be a member of mine for this exclusive Pre Order giveaway. If you don’t have a TeamBeachbody account, sign up here and I’ll automatically be assigned as your Coach.

FREE Personal Fitness Coaching from Coach Superdave & TeamBeachbody!

EDIT: Pre Orders are now closed as T25 is now available for purchase. Order your Focus T25 Challenge Pack at a discount here.

Join our T25 Facebook Challenge Group!

My SUPERTeam Coaches and I will be leading a Facebook group of T25 starting on Monday, July 1st. It’s going to be awesome! You’ll receive daily coaching support, motivation, and guidance to reach your goals. Contact me for details. We hope to see you there!

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