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by on January 15, 2017

All Access Beachbody OnDemandThis is UNREAL! Everyone is going bananas over the recent Annual ALL ACCESS Beachbody workout digital streaming package. Why? Because it’s excited Monkeypacked with VALUE and practically a steal. I feel this All Access Annual package is revolutionary and upgraded immediately! Others have felt the same way and what they have found is that this All Access pass is too good a deal to pass up!

For only $199 you get 12 MONTHS of digital streaming access to EVERY single friggin’ Beachbody home workout every made, plus one month of Shakeology. Shakeology alone is priced at $129 so this is a smokin’ deal!

IMPORTANT– Just be absolutely certain you currently are NOT a TeamBeachbody Club member, or the All Access won’t activate correctly. Simply contact me and I’ll make sure nothing goes wrong. Got it? Great!

It’s funny…when Challenge Packs first came out 2 years ago, it was a choice of only one program like P90X or INSANITY with Shakeology for $205–and that was a discount back then! OMG, for $199, you can have it all!Beacbhody-Annual-OnDemand-Challenge

The All Access Challenge Pack special includes:

✨Plus One month of Shakeology

✨12 months Access to Beachbody OnDemand digital library

✨10% Discounts on everything at TeamBeachbody

✨plus the portion control containers
✨plus a shaker cup, 
✨plus your FREE COACH (me!!) !
✨plus this incredible community

I mean…ALL of our programs! My jaw is still ON THE FLOOR!!!! PLUS Beachbody announced they will release 3 NEW PROGRAMS in 2017 and every Annual All Access member can stream these new, just released programs, for free! You read that right–you won’t have to buy the new programs because they will be free to you!

Dead…just dead on the floor!!! If you don’t like your program, no worries, just switch to another one – WITHOUT PAYING A CENT!!!

Hurry, the $199 All Access On Demand Challenge Pack offer ends Feb 27th!!

I just wanted to share with you how much I’ve invested in the programs (totally worth every penny) so you can see how ✨INCREDIBLE of a DEAL✨ this pass is!!! Every program below is what I have actually finished. P90X was when I was a customer, and the rest was bought at my Coach 25% wholesale rate and it still doesn’t compare to the low price of $199 for the Annual All Access Challenge Pack special!

P90X – $120
RevAbs – 90
Insanity – $90
Insanity the Asylum – $68
P90X One on One – Complete set – $199
P90X2 – $90
P90X3 – $68
Focus T25 – $90
10 Minute Trainer – $45
Core De Force – $45
PiYo – $45
The Master’s Hammer and Chisel {Deluxe Upgrade Kit} – $134
Combat – $45
PUMP- $90
21 Day Fix  – $45
CIZE – $45
Body Beast – $68
22 Minute Hard Corps – $45

✨TOTAL: $1422✨

Holy crap! Where was this special years ago? Oh yeah, OnDemand digital streaming didn’t exist!

You’ll pay ONLY $199…and you get MORE!!! As I said, I did not buy all of the Beachbody programs!!

It’s like paying $16.50 mth ($199/year divided by 12)…how much are gym memberships?!?! MORE THAN THAT!!! And do you use them every day? What if your gym was your house? Think you’d use it more?!?

Oh and you’re getting a PERSONAL TRAINER in your living room too…this is just madness!!! DEAL OF A LIFETIME!!!

What’s the Catch Coach?!?

No Catch! But there is one teensy, weeny extra step that may be required. If you wish to order the All Access OnDemand Challenge Pack special, you must first be sure you are NOT currently a TeamBeachbody Club member (club members have access to OnDemand). So you have to cancel that membership first, then order. Believe me, this has caused a lot of confusion for people. If you are currently one of my members, contact me and I can take care of that for you. If you are not, or would like to change coaches, click here.

So this is the real deal people! Everyone I know has upgraded so don’t miss the boat as this is a deal of a lifetime!

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