Post Halloween Weight Loss Challenge

by on October 29, 2014

Halloween Weight Loss ChallengeOkay so Halloween is over. Fess up–how many candies will you eat? Maybe it started with “only one” and was followed by a few more friends. Or maybe you’re like me and you have to “sample” a variety of candies. That’s right–I eat the candy too! It’s Halloween people–it’s so hard to resist!

Or, since Halloween is on a Friday, you’re going to get your party on?!? Oh yeah!

Will you be overridden with chocolate guilt this year? Or simply realize you over did it at the Halloween party?

Well it’s time to SCARE away those unwanted spooky pounds!! Our team is hosting several, fun challenges to help you say BOO! to that candy/party weight gain.

Choose from any of the following Post Halloween Weight Loss Challenges:

* 3 Day Cleanse Challenge
* 5 Day FREE Clean Eating Challenge
* 10 Day Weight Loss challenge
* 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge

These challengers are hosted in a private Facebook group where we all post and share our journey together. FREE Coaching and motivational support provided!

Need to lose weight fast with a detox? Choose the 3 Day Cleanse Challenge.

Feel horrible about all the treats and want to make up for it by eating healthy? Or simply want to know how to eat healthy? Join us in our popular 5 Day FREE Clean Eating Challenge.

Want to lose weight and feel great? Go for the 10 day Challenge.

Want to create a new, healthy habit of exercising and learning how to eat normal amounts of (healthy) food? Then the 21 Day Challenge is the choice for you.

All of these Challengers will be fun, allow you to lose weight, feel great, and have FREE Coaching and Motivational support.

SEATS FILL UP FAST! If you would like more details about how these groups work, leave a comment below.

Refer a friend for more fun! Share this invite with your friends and let’s do this together!

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