Shift Shop Results are Coming!

by on August 9, 2017

photoThis is TOTALLY WORKING!!

Today I”m mid way thru Week 3 of Shift Shop (like my crazy hair?) and I am surprised at my ability to do these week 3, 45 min workouts on the lowest weekly carb plan. I love the way these workouts are structured with multiple rounds, but diminishing time sets. It really does help to make the time fly by.

On Day 15 I was just under the 6 pound loss mark, which for me, is a BIG difference in such a short amount of time.

Furthermore, the new trainer Chris Downing, is awesome! He is positively charged and very motivational. Not in a yelling Drill Sergeant way,but with high energy and passion. He is very inspiring and an integral part of this program.

In such a short time, I am smashing plateaus and looking forward to extending this program another weeks, and cycling back up in carbs to make the final week a sure-fire blast and photo finish!

I have an online support group that is devoted purely to the new Shift Shop and it starts on Aug 14th, 2017. Contact me or comment below if you want to join us and get some serious results!

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