What is Shakeology?

by on May 11, 2012

What is Shakeology? Learn about the Shakeology Ingredients!Chances are you have witnessed someone’s Shakeology weight loss results, or read about it in Oprah Magazine, or seen a Shakeology video clip after your favorite workout program like P90X, or maybe you keep hearing so many people rave about how great Shakeology is because of the ingredients.

But What is Shakeology®?

Simply put, Shakeology is the most unique and amazing weight loss and nutritional shake available. Period. However, a simple statement like that is a true injustice to the incredible, ingenuity in combining the most nutritious, above and beyond healthy ingredients from around the world, into one patent pending weight loss meal replacement shake. In fact, check out my first impressions of Shakeology in my Shakeology review.

Let me explain what Shakeology will do for you but first, there are two Shakeology formulas, the original formula in Chocolate or Greenberry flavor and the new vegan Chocolate and  Tropical Strawberry Shakeology. As if the original formula wasn’t amazing enough, the new flavor has some significant changes in addition to being 100% vegan. Click here for my full review of the  Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology ingredients or the Vegan Chocolate Shakeology ingredients.

“Simply put, Shakeology is the most unique and amazing weight loss and nutritional shake available. Period.”

Shakeology was created to be the ultimate source of health for both body and mind, in addition to helping us lose weight, while tasting great! I believe that last part is the most important because if your goal is to lose weight, what you drink better taste good or you won’t stick with your nutrition plan! In fact, I was amazed at how good it tasted even after knowing how healthy it would be for me.

If I had to summarize Shakeology’s main benefits, it would be:

  • All natural ingredients
  • Shakeology helps to lose weight
  • Gives natural energy boost
  • Improves Digestion and regularity
  • Lowers Cholesterol
  • Elevates Mood and nourishes the body
  • Gluten Free
  • All natural ingredients

Depending on the flavor, Shakeology is only around 140 calories, with about 60 of those calories coming from protein! It is unbelievable how a shake with so few calories can be so satisfying while also being able to curb hunger cravings. The energy it gives is fantastic and I often use Shakeology for my 3:00 pm snack for a nice boost. There is NO caffeine in Shakeology and the energy you get is from all natural ingredients. Shakeology has been clinically shown to reduce cholesterol by 30% and has a glycemic index of 24 which is quite impressive. The last point I mentioned is so often overlooked which is a shame. Shakeology is impressive enough as it is but it also completely natural, meaning no artificial ingredients or sweeteners of any kind.

Shakeology Ingredients

This is the hard part in listing all the healthy Shakeology ingredients, because with over 70 healthy ingredients where do I start! Shakeology has a healthy dose of your typical multivitamins but what’s unique is that Shakeology vitamins come from whole food sources. While synthetic  multivitamins (pills) are better than not supplementing at all, the body does not effectively digest these vitamins as much whole food sources. In other words, very little of it is actually used by the body. Beachbody prides itself in using real whole foods to create a highly bio-available shake, allowing the body to actually process and benefit from the multivitamins as if you were eating the real food source.

Shakeology goes beyond simply providing the body with a wide range of multivitamins and also includes many of the healthiest ingredients and “superfoods” imaginable, from all corners of the world. Many of these superfood Shakeology ingredients are widely known for providing tremendously healthy benefits and come from sources such as Açai and Goji berries, Camu-Camu, quinoa, wheat grass, Maca root, and sacha inchi, just to name a few. In fact, if you were to try and gather all these supplements at your local health food store, your grocery bill would be a staggering high price. This is another reason why Shakeology is so important because not only do we have once source for the worlds greatest ingredients and superfoods, but it is conveniently priced and ready to enjoy. That’s the power of the Shakeology ingredients!

“Shakeology is only around 140 calories, with about 60 of those calories coming from protein”

Plus Shakeology provides health-supporting chlorophylls, polyphenols, prebiotics, proanthocyanins to keep you healthy and a range of digestive enzymes to aid in digestion and help regularity. Lastly, my favorite are the adatogens which are ingredients that specifically included to help elevate the mood and reduce stress. How can you not feel good after drinking all those healthy Shakeology ingredients?

I couldn’t even begin to get into detail about all the amazing ingredients because there is just too many! Click the links below to get the Shakeology Nutrition Facts. Then you will no longer need to ask yourself “What is Shakeology?!”

Greenberry Shakeology Ingredients and
Nutritional Facts
Download PDF

Chocolate Shakeology Ingredients
and Nutritional Facts
Download PDF

Vegan Tropical Strawberry Shakeology Ingredients
and Nutritional Facts
Download PDF

Vegan Chocolate Shakeology Ingredients
and Nutritional Facts
Download PDF

Where to Buy Shakeology?

Okay, enough talking, none of this really matters unless you are actually drinking Shakeology and enjoying its benefits. I suggest ordering some Shakeology today and see for yourself, especially since there is a money back guarantee. So if you are stuck in a nasty weight loss plateau or have trouble following a nutrition plan, then you need to be on Shakeology to see some results!


If you are one of my SUPERTeam members, I have trial packs available so you can sample each flavor before ordering. Simply sign up for your FREE TeamBeachbody membership and contact me today!

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Megan October 3, 2012 at 12:47 pm

Thank you for the article. I read so many opinions from other people about Shakeology but your article has been helpful. I just placed my order, when will I receive it?


superdave October 3, 2012 at 2:28 pm

Thanks Megan! 🙂 I saw your payment and have your package all ready to go. It goes first class so that typically is 1-3 days.


Susanne November 29, 2012 at 5:53 am

These flavors of shakeology look so freaking delicious. Just looking at them makes me want them, but it is the Shakeology ingredients (that long list) that impresses me and makes me want to try these. I intend to order a sample. Just point the way and I will pay!


superdave November 29, 2012 at 10:26 am

Actually, I do have a page for free Shakeology samples. So check it out and try some to see why so many people love it!


Vito December 2, 2012 at 8:46 am

I am all but convinced that the shakeology ingredients are the most that I have seen in any one shake or meal replacement shake. I have been searching for a protein rich shake that I can take between meals or as a recovery drink and it seems that this product has much more than just protein. This is realy a healthy replacement for meals.


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