INSANITY is a 60-day cardio-based total-body conditioning program by Shaun T that’s perhaps the most intense workout ever put on DVD. “Insane” is a very accurate and simple description of the program as you will be engaging in High Intensity Interval Training to burn fat like never before. I call Insanity, the “Game Changer” because afterward all other programs will never be the same to you again. You’ll be able to push harder and perform better at any workout after going thru this intense program. Not to mention getting a lean and ripped body!

Superdave Recommends INSANITY

INSANITY is perfect for those looking for a more challenging program to burn the most calories and fat in the shortest amount of time. It will also boost your cardiovascular endurance to newer heights, leading to improvements in all physical activities in your life such as sports or other workout programs such as P90X. Plus if you are a cardio lover and/or runner, then Insanity is for you. If you are wanting some more resistance work then I would recommend an P90X & INSANITY hybrid schedule. Just by pressing play every day, tracking your progress with the INSANITY Workout Sheets, and benefiting from my personal coaching, you will have fantastic results!

INSANITY is rather extreme and has plenty of jumping and squat exercises, so if this is your first program, or you’re not looking for an advanced cardio program, and/or have knee problems, you should look towards other cardio programs like RevAbs, Slim in 6, or TurboJam.

INSANITY Review workouts to lose weight fast and burn fat and max caloriesP90X vs INSANITY

Just as P90X is the height of resistance training, INSANITY is the pinnacle of cardio training that takes total-body conditioning to an extreme level. This 60 day program pushes you beyond what you thought was possible to lose weight fast.

How does INSANITY work?

High Intensity Interval training (commonly called HIIT or HIT training) allows you to beat the “stress adaptation response,” which is what happens when your body gets used to exercising at one level of exertion and stops improving. An interval workout includes a set where you perform at your maximum, followed by one of lower intensity, with the cycle repeated to achieve a cumulative effect. The latest studies have shown this to be the most effective calorie and fat burning method.

By replacing moderate-intensity exercise with INSANITY’s maximum-intensity exercises, your heart rate is raised to 80 percent or more of its maximum capacity, forcing your body to use fast-twitch muscle fibers not normally engaged in cardio exercise. These fast-twitch fibers continue burning extra fuel even during lower-intensity exercise.

As a result, you’ll experience faster increases in fitness and more efficient burning of carbohydrates and fat—men will burn as high as 1,000 calories per hour!

The INSANITY Workouts

Overall, the workouts are like athletic sport drills involving lots of jumping, squatting, pushups, and many other high impact cardio exercises.

The program is divided into two phases, with different workouts for Month 1 and 2. For the first month, there are 5 intense workouts, about 40 min long, that will scorch fat all over your body using extreme cardio, plyometrics, and interval training. Combine that with strength training and power moves that will create a lean, sculpted muscle and upper body definition. An equally intense ab routine helps you build a rock-hard core, while the slightly easier Cardio Recovery workout refreshes you one day a week

Then starting with Month 2 things get even crazier and sweatier. Using 4 new workouts, about 45-60 min long, you’ll maximize your cardio conditioning, get your legs crazy strong with more advanced plyo intervals, and keep peeling off the pounds. Max Recovery gives you a much-needed rest, one day a week

INSANITY Equipment

Other advanced programs, such as ChaLEAN Extreme and P90X focus on building muscle and burning fat through weight training along with cardio. INSANITY uses only the power and resistance of your own body to amp up your cardio, lower your body fat percentage, and sculpt your muscles. You won’t need any gear other than water, a towel, and your own strength of purpose. In fact, you may want two towels because you will sweat a ton, trust me!

Since INSANITY burns massive amounts of glycogen (carb calories), I HIGHLY recommend using the P90X Recovery Drink or you may suffer problems such as extreme fatigue, irritability, etc. Since you are reading my INSANITY review, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

If you have hardwood floors, then a good plyo mat will come in handy. Also, a heart rate monitor is helpful to know when to take a break, but you’ll likely be doing that a lot anyway—this program is intense!

The program comes with a nutritional guide with terrific meal suggestions. However, if you are looking for a Personalized Meal Plan, then it doesn’t get any better than the one available to you as a TeamBeachbody® Club Member.


INSANITY Review Conclusion

So are you ready to get INSANE? Personally, I am very thankful for having completed the INSANITY program because it truly helped push me to perform to newer heights. Plus, I was able to lean out faster than with any other workout program. To this day, the Month 1 Plyometric Cardio circuit is one of my favorite workouts. When I feel like tearing it up, I pop in an INSANITY workout!

How to Get MAXIMUM INSANITY Results!

Insanity is already one of the fastest ways to lose weight, but do you want even more crazy INSANITY results? Many of my members know how you feel and many others have felt that way too. What they have found is that combining Shakeology with a program increases your chances of amazing success.

A Challenge Pack is a program, Shakeology, and a 30 Day Club trial membership but at a DISCOUNTED price. So you pay less then if you bought them separately. Plus there is FREE SHIPPING on everything and that makes a huge difference. The Club Membership also gives you a 10% discount on anything at TeamBeachbody!

Between the Insanity workouts and Shakeology, the best weight loss and nutritional supplement available, I have witnessed so many amazing body transformations from my clients. So when I heard the announcement o the public that TeamBeachbody created these Challenge Packs, I made it a requirement for my Facebook INSANITY Challenge Group participants. Ordering an INSANITY Challenge Pack is convenient to order, gives you all the tools you need for maximum INSANITY results, nets you big discount, and gives you a seat in my exclusive Facebook accountability groups where you will receive my daily coaching and motivational support!


INSANITY has a 60 day money back guarantee so there should be NO EXCUSES if you are considering INSANITY to lose weight fast! If you order it thru my website, you will also get a bonus workout, Fast & the Furious,  and I will be your personal Independent TeamBeachbody® Coach. If you already have a TeamBeachbody, account but wish to have a new Coach, click here to learn how to change your Beachbody Coach and let’s DIG DEEPER!

I am excited for you and look forward to working with you on your incredible, life changing journey!