P90X Review


Superdave’s P90X Review

P90X is probably the best workout program ever. Seriously, Tony Horton is a genius. Before P90X, I was in and out of gyms doing what I thought was best by putting in a tremendous amount of time and energy yet my results were only so-so. At the time I thought they were “good.” After a 10 month lapse of no physical activity, I decided to give P90X a try after viewing the infomercial on late night tv. I did the 90 day program and  I was blown away by how well the program worked. In 90 days, I had a lean, muscular body–with abs! I never had abs show before, sweet! This is the program where everyone wishes they had found and started earlier!

Superdave Recommends P90X

Anybody looking for a total body transformation (lose weight and fat, tone up, gain strength/muscle) would be hard pressed to find a better alternative.  Tony Horton’s positive energy and humor make the workouts fun and there is plenty of variety to keep us engaged.  By changing the rep count, anybody can alter their muscle gains from “size” to “lean.” P90X can be challenging, but it is not impossible. Examples of modifications are given with each workout plus there is the “Lean” program option which tones down the difficulty. However, some people that deem P90X to be too challenging, may be better off with Power90. It has a similar formula with shorter workouts plus no pullup bar is required. Some of my members swear that by starting with Power90, they were able to achieve remarkable success with P90X. For those of you starting with P90X for the first time, I highly recommend reading my P90X Beginner Tips and Advice. If you have done P90X before, then take advantage of my P90X Advanced Tips and Advice or even move on to a P90X Hybrid Schedule with another program like INSANITY or RevAbs.

How does P90X work?

It’s hard not to love P90X as it has lean muscle building routines, weight loss cardio workouts,  core strengthening yoga and ab workouts. P90X is a very well rounded program that is perfect for anyone looking for an amazing body transformation. There is a reason why so many people rave about it–it works! Just by pressing play every day, tracking your progress with the P90X Workout Sheets, and having me as your personal Beachbody Coach, you will have fantastic results. Even for those not looking to lose weight, but want to gain muscle and size, P90X can be modified to suit these goals perfectly. Check out my P90X Mass Muscle Gain schedule.

P90X Review Order P90X today with a 90 Day Money Back Gaurantee!What people don’t realize is that it does so much more than merely boosting our strength, dropping weight, and losing inches of fat of our bodies. The program has profound impact on a person’s lifestyle and mental health too. After 90 days, you will not only look and feel better than you ever had before, but you will have a whole new positive outlook on life. I can randomly choose any of my P90X grads and they would have their own amazing story to share with you by how P90X has tremendously improved their life.

So what is the program like and what can you expect? The P90X is centered on “Muscle Confusion.” The body is an amazingly adaptive machine, so the program mixes up the workouts to never allow the body to adapt to the routine, allowing progressive results throughout the program.

For equipment, you must have resistance bands or dumbbells. Both will give a terrific workout and I highly recommend adjustable dumbbells when choosing weights. The P90X pullup bar is optional, but highly recommended since it works the body so much better than bands. Also, I love the P90X Power Stands, which not only are better for your wrists but give you better chest gains as well. If you are lacking bands, dumbbells, and the pullup bar, then you should get the the complete P90X Peak Results Package and save some money.

I HIGHLY recommend using the P90X Recovery Drink to promote lean muscle gain and to avoid common problems such as extreme fatigue, irritability, etc.

P90X Workout Schedule

This 90 day program has 3 workout phases that coincide with nutritional Phases. Phases 1-2 are 4 weeks and Phase 3 is 5 weeks long. Each Phase has a “Recovery Week” for the last week which is less intense workouts to give our bodies rest to BRING IT in the next phase.

The main weeks of the Phases all have 3 resistance workouts targeting different muscle groups, 2 cardio workouts, and a Yoga day. Phase 1 and 2 have completely different resistance workouts and in Phase 3 we alternate each week from Phase 1 and 2 workouts.

Each workout is about one hour long, with an additional 15 min of Ab workouts 3 times a week. However, due to breaks and dumbbell/band switching, expect to add another 15 or so to your workouts. The YogaX workout is 90 minutes long.

Most people can expect to lose weight fast in the first phase. The second phase is the “muscle building” phase where people begin to simultaneously lose fat while adding lean muscle. This where I commonly hear my members saying their clothes fit much looser. For many, Phase 3 brings dramatic changes due to all the gained strength and elevated metabolism from the first 60 days combined with an increase in muscle confusion.

P90X Nutrition Plan

The program comes with a nutritional guide that includes a Meal Plan or Portion plan, allowing you to choose which method will work for you. However, if you are looking for a Personalized Meal Plan, then it doesn’t get any better than the one available to you as a TeamBeachbody® Club Member.

For a full P90X Nutrition Plan review, click here.

How to Get Ripped from P90X Results

Above is my video showing my P90X Results and beyond. I started out as a simple P90X customer years ago, but since then became a Coach to help pay it forward. I was also one of the first in the world to become a P90X Certified Professional and am committed to getting you P90X Results!

In order get the best P90X results, I highly recommend having an experienced Coach to assist you with your goals. If you are not currently a TeamBeachbody member, anything you order at from my site will automatically assign me as your Beachbody Coach. If you already have a TeamBeachbody, account but wish to have a new Coach, click here to learn how to change your Beachbody Coach and let’s BRING IT!

P90X Review Conclusion

So is it worth it? You bet it is. P90X will be one of your greatest investments into your personal health and well being. Besides, the program has a 90 day money back guarantee so there should be NO EXCUSES if you are considering P90X!


How to Get MAXIMUM P90X Results!

P90X is already one of the best, well rounded program to lose weight, burn fat, and gain muscle, but do you want even more crazy P90X results? Many of my members know how you feel and many others have felt that way too. What they have found is that combining Shakeology with a program increases your chances of amazing success.

A Challenge Pack is a program, Shakeology, and a 30 Day Club trial membership but at a DISCOUNTED price. So you pay less then if you bought them separately. Plus there is FREE SHIPPING on everything and that makes a huge difference. The Club Membership also gives you a 10% discount on anything at TeamBeachbody!

Between the P90X workouts and Shakeology, the best weight loss and nutritional supplement available, I have witnessed so many amazing body transformations from my clients. So when I heard the announcement o the public that TeamBeachbody created these Challenge Packs, I made it a requirement for my Facebook P90X Challenge Group participants. Ordering an P90X Challenge Pack is convenient to order, gives you all the tools you need for maximum P90X results, nets you big discount, and gives you a seat in my exclusive Facebook accountability groups where you will receive my daily coaching and motivational support!


I am excited for you and look forward to working with you on your incredible, life changing journey!