P90X2 Review


P90X vs P90X2 ReviewP90X vs P90X2 Review, what’s the difference?

If you are reading this now you likely have gone thru the P90X program or at least know what its about. Now you want the full scoop on P90X2. The original P90X is arguably the best program available and is very well rounded program focusing on building lean muscle, burning fat and calories, creating core balance, and to improve flexibility. Click here for my full P90X Review.

So the question on everyone’s mind is what is P90X2 like and how does it differ from the original? First of all, I was able to attend an exclusive P90X2 Review Interview with Tony Horton, where it was advised to caution members about using the P90X2 program if they are exercise beginners and/or have never done the original P90X. This is because P90X2 is much more intense and geared to those that first have a rather solid foundation of fitness and want to further their fitness goals. That being said, P90X2 is much more intense and utilizes some of the most recently studied and cutting edge advancements in physical performance techniques.

Superdave recommends P90X2 for P90X Grads looking to take their strength and lean muscle gains to newer heights and levels of performance.

P90X2 Review - Nutrition Guide

P90X2 Review – Nutrition Plan Guide

Plus the nutrition guide gets a much needed overhaul as is now more versatile. The new guide now includes a vegan, vegetarian, & gluten free options. it now has 27 diet guides in 1 to fuel your performance!

Another major difference is the fact that P90X2 is now only 5 days a week, to allow for more rest from the workouts. I bet many will be quite pleased with the shorter week and more rest will help deliver greater workouts.

How does P90X2 work?

In order to take P90X2 to the next level, Beachbody® enlisted the services of Dr. Marcus Elliott. One of the most sought-after trainers in the world of sports, Dr. Elliott now presides over Beachbody®’s Scientific Advisory Board and has lent his expertise to the evolution that is P90X2. Until now, his groundbreaking training techniques have only been available to world-class athletes. With P90X2, now you can take them home.

  • Phase 1: Foundation – At the end of Phase 1 you’ll be more agile and far less vulnerable to injury
  • Phase 2: Strength – You’ll get stronger through a wider range of motion, leading to more lean muscle gains.
  • Phase 3: Performance – You’ll be able to jump higher, run faster, be more explosive, raising you to unparalleled athletic ability and strength.

Much of P90X2 Phase 3 centers around Post-Activation Potentiation, or PAP. It’s a revolutionary way of training that combines heavy lifting with plyometric training in order to transfer strength into power. The two contrasting methods are synergistic, meaning better results rather together than doing either method alone. The heavy lifting techniques essentially prime the central nervous system to be ready to take advantage of the plyometric training. leading to new heights in athletic performance.

P90X2 Workout Plan

Click here for an example of a P90X2 Workout Schedule and to here for P90X2 Workout Sheets.

The P90X2 Review Workouts:P90X2-Base-Kit

X2 Core   56:54 min
Plyocide   56:48
X2 Recovery & Mobility   58:20
X2 Total Body   63:45
X2 Yoga   68:07
Balance & Power   63:21
Chest, Back, & Balance   60:15
X2 Shoulders & Arms   53:04
X2 Base & Back   56:26
PAP Lower   62:56
PAP Upper   53:06
X2 Ab Ripper   17:27
V-Sculpt    54:18 (Purchased separately or included with Deluxe and Ultimate Kits)
X2 Chest, Shoulders, & Tri’s    49:28  (Purchased separately or included with Deluxe and Ultimate Kits)

By ordering thru my website, you also get 2 FREE workout discs:

One on One: 4 legs
One on One: Upper Body Balance

Here is a good example of  P90X vs P90X2 using the pushups. Instead of simply using P90X Push Up Stands to do a set of pushups, use a pair of Medicine Balls instead plus one to balance your feet on. This change forces you to engage several muscle groups simultaneously leading to improved muscle strength. Plus, trying to balance yourself on three medicine balls is extremely tough!

This is a perfect example of how P90X2 differs from the original. With the new program you focus on boosting strength, agility, endurance, and core balance–all at once. This adds a new chapter in Muscle Confusion and lead to total body improvements. Personally, I especially like the extra attention to core strength in P90X2 since that is often the most neglected area of focus with workout programs yet is is vital for aiding in strength to most exercises.

What equipment is used in P90X2?P90X2_Equipment

Some modifications can be used and some of the items are actually included in the P90X 2 sets:

P90X2 Base Kit is 12 Discs + intro disc, fitness guide, & nutrition guide

DVD $119.85 plus shipping and tax.
Blu-Ray $149.85 plus shipping and tax.

P90X2-Base-Kit P90X2-Deluxe-Kit

P90X2 Deluxe kit is 14 Discs + intro disc, fitness guide & nutrition guide, 2 extra advanced workouts, plus 2 medicine balls, foam roller, and stability ball

DVD $239.85 plus shipping and tax.
Blu-Ray $299.85 plus shipping and tax.


P90X2-Ultimate-kitP90X2 Ultimate kit has everything in deluxe kit plus power stands and a premium roller

DVD $299.85 plus shipping and tax.
Blu-Ray $359.85 plus shipping and tax.



Which P90X2 Kit is best for me?

That is an excellent question and I’d be happy to answer. Most people would think the base kit would be enough, but I only recommend that for people that have all the necessary equipment already. I would say that most people should go for the Deluxe Kit. Some of the moves use 4 medicine balls, not 2. So with only 2 balls you have to improvise. So if you go with the Base Kit and don’t have any Medicine balls, then you completely comprise the integrity of certain exercises. Plus that foam roller is really important for the program and there isn’t a suitable replacement in the house. If you don’t have Power Stands, then go for the Ultimate kit. Power Stands make much better workouts leading to better results. Plus with the Ultimate Kit you get the premium roller. Sadly the ChinUpMax assist bands are not included in any set, but I highly recommend picking them up regardless of your program if you use a pullup bar. They work much better than a chair and you can easily adjust the resistance.

Plus you get the 2 FREE P90X2  Advanced Workouts with either the Deluxe or Ultimate kit so you will have the full, complete P90X2 experience.

P90X2 Review Conclusion

In the end its more Muscle Confusion than ever and it’s going to be a huge success so don’t miss out on the hottest, new release since P90X!


In order get the best P90X2 results, I highly recommend having an experienced Coach to assist you with your goals. If you are not currently a TeamBeachbody member, anything you order at from my site will automatically assign me as your Beachbody Coach. If you already have a TeamBeachbody, account but wish to have a new Coach, click here to learn how to change your Beachbody Coach and let’s BRING IT X2!