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by on August 8, 2012

Welcome to part 1 of my Body Beast Natural Bodybuilding Supplement Review! First up is to explain the benefits of having the best protein powder supplement in your bodybuilding or lean muscle gain nutrition plan. This will help you to maximize your muscle growth goals!

Best Protein Powder Bodybuilding SupplementBody Beast Hardcore Base Shake – Best Protein Powder?

Finding the best protein powder supplement is important for anyone looking to gain muscle and size. Most people now know that protein is needed for optimal muscle repair and recovery, however, it’s not so much the workouts that help to build muscle, it’s actually how they recover. A heavy resistance workout will tear down muscle fibers and with proper nutrition and recovery your muscles will repair back stronger in order to meet that resistance that initially tore it down. So if you are hitting heavy resistance workouts like P90X, Body Beast, or Insanity Asylum, you need protein or your muscles won’t grow! However, not all protein powders are the same.

Whey protein is the most commonly found protein powder and like all protein powders, it’s a convenient way to increase your daily protein requirements in order to build more lean muscle. However, whey protein powder digests extremely fast which may not give the muscles enough lasting protein to maximize muscle recovery and repair. In addition, it can lead to hunger sooner. There are essentially only two times where a fast digesting protein powder supplement would be best utilized: immediately upon waking up and immediately after a hard workout.

However, in recent years studies have now shown that a post workout protein powder shake mixed with slow and fast digesting protein sources yield greater results than simply whey protein powder alone. Don’t we all want better Body Beast results from our hardwork?!? So combining the Hardcore Base Shake with the Beachbody Fuel Shot will create the ultimate post workout recovery drink.

Furthermore, unlike carbohydrates and fats, protein can not be stored in the body. Therefore your body will digest, process, and utilize protein on the fly. This is why I advise my clients to spread their protein intake throughout the day to ensure that their muscles get well nourished with protein. This is also why you should avoid heavy protein amounts in a single meal, as any extra will simply be converted to fat. The goal is to maximize muscle growth, not to add unnecessary fat from your bodybuilding workouts!

The Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake is an excellent mix of 18 grams of slow and fast digesting protein powder sources to give your muscle the protein it needs in the short and long term period. Plus it has a small amount of dextrose, a fast absorbing carbohydrate, which will help in restoring glycogen. (I’ll explain more about this benefit further in Part 2 of my Body Beast Natural Bodybuilding Supplement Review) This is perfect and an essential step in completing your bodybuilding mass gainer supplement routine.

The Best Natural Protein Powder Bodybuilding Supplement

So what makes this a natural supplement? Like with all products from Beachbody, this protein powder has been specifically created to maximize health benefits. With the Body Beast Hardcore protein powder supplement, there are absolutely no artificial ingredients of any kind. Plus it’s completely flavorless, which means you can mix it in with anything. Just for kicks, I tried the Base Shake by itself and I can definitely vouch that it is completely neutral in flavor, yet it is very smooth and creamy. Think vanilla cream, but without the vanilla flavor or sweetness.

Click here to view the Hardcore Base Shake protein powder ingredients.

Body Beast Base Protein Shake OatmealDrinking mere protein powder drinks is not the best way to reach your muscle growth goals anyway. Remember, protein powders like the Body Beast Base Shake are supplements, so they should only serve to supplement your daily routine rather than serve as a sole source of protein. If you are trying to build muscle mass from a bodybuilding workout like Body Beast, then you should be mixing it in with other foods to increase your daily protein amounts.

The most notable use for protein for bodybuilders is a protein shake, or mass gainer shake. This is where you use the Body Beast Base Shake, along with fruits,  milk, etc to make an excellent and healthy way to boost your calories. My current favorite and best way to add protein powder is to add it to my morning oatmeal breakfast. The Body Beast Base shake will make it creamy and you can use anything from bananas, peanut butter, maple agave nectar, cinnamon, etc to give a more natural, healthy, and tasty flavor.


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Best Protein Powder Bodybuilding Supplement Review Conclusion

So if you plan to BEAST UP with Body Beast or similar bodybuilding routine, it’s best to go with a natural bodybuilding supplement routine. All the Body Beast supplements are top notch quality and are of the highest health standards. Protein supplementation is so important to ensure maximum muscle gains that I highly recommend you get the The Base Shake, the best protein powder supplement available.

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Doug August 9, 2012 at 4:11 am

How different is this from the Beachbody whey protein they already have?


superdave August 10, 2012 at 9:04 am

Big difference. The Beachbody Whey protein is one of the few products I could never bring myself to endorse. The old protein powder is simply whey protein concentrate with artificial flavoring and add fructose. The Beachbody Hardcore Base Shake is a blend of fast and slow digesting proteins with absolutely zero added artificial ingredients. Just mix the Base Shake with fruit juice, etc for a healthy and tasty meal replacement drink or post workout shake.


Jose August 12, 2012 at 7:19 pm

What’s the benefit of going natural?


superdave August 13, 2012 at 1:21 pm

Why not? It’s better for your overall health and over the long term you will benefit. It’s bad enough that most of our daily diet is full of processed and/or artificial ingredients. This is just one area where you can easily control what you put in your body. When given the choice, I will always go natural.


Dan August 17, 2012 at 8:20 pm

Coach what’s the best way to make shakes with this protein? I was thinking of peanut butter with banana and milk.


superdave August 20, 2012 at 2:11 pm

What’s up Dan! It depends on your meal plan in general, plus the time of day, and your goals. I just emailed you so look out for it. In general, mass gainer shakes are all about adding high (healthy) carbs with protein, but adding some healthy fats will elevate the blood sugar levels too. The fat depends on when you use the shake. If it’s right after a workout, then you want to minimize it. Click here to read more about post workout recovery drinks.


Chad September 8, 2012 at 11:37 pm

I tried this protein powder and you’re right in that it has no flavor. But I took your advice and mixed in fruits and juice and it made a creamy shake that was really good.


superdave September 12, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Awesome Chad. That’s what it’s all about, making your shakes as natural and healthy as possible–while still tasting awesome!


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