Body Beast Fuel Shot – Best Recovery Drink After Workout Review

by on August 10, 2012

Welcome to part 2 of my Body Beast Natural Bodybuilding Supplement Review! Next up is the extremely important post workout recovery drink. After a workout is the most critical moment to refuel your muscles to see results. So why settle for an average post workout recovery drink? Do you want average results?! I didn’t think so! So keep reading and learn about the best recovery drink available for after your workout and get awesome muscle gain results!

Fuel Shot is Best Recovery Drink After Workout for Natural bodybuilding Body Beast Fuel Shot

At first glace, many people mistake the name for a pre workout supplement, much like the awesome Energy and Endurance Pre Workout Drink from Beachbody. In truth this is a post workout shake supplement. When trying to promote muscle gain, the post workout time is of prime importance. This is one area where I am constantly working with my clients in order to ensure they maximize their results. While I am finding that more and more people are understanding the need for an immediate post workout drink, I still spend a lot of time educating my clients on the best recovery drink to maximize their leans muscle gains.

During an intense workout like P90X, Insanity or Body Beast, your body will burn off it’s glycogen (carbohydrate) stored in your muscles, leaving your body in a vulnerable state. If you don’t restore your glycogen levels, your body can panic which leads to undesirable, and sometimes catastrophic, muscle growth results. Glycogen is the only source of energy in your body that can be readily used for fuel as other energy sources such as fat must go through one or more conversion processes before finally being converted and stored as glycogen.

So if your fuel tanks are empty after hitting a heavy workout, your body basically says “Oh snap! We need more fuel or else we’re screwed!” This is a primitive mechanism of survival to ensure you have quick energy to flee in case that T Rex, or whatever, comes back to try and eat you.

There may not be an animal chasing after you, but your body doesn’t know that you simply went BEAST Mode in your Body Beast workout. Therefore it will very likely go into emergency mode and cannibalize your existing muscle, breaking it down to create more glycogen if you don’t replenish it fast enough. This means you may get the opposite of gaining  more muscle!

“Oh snap! We need more fuel or else we’re screwed!”

Normally, fast digesting carbs is a bad thing as any spike of insulin will lead later to a “crash” in blood sugar levels, resulting in lethargy and hunger cravings. But in this case we are intentionally spiking our insulin in order to get glycogen back in our muscle stores as immediately as possible. To avoid any crash, follow up later with a nice meal of mostly complex carbohydrates and a some fast digesting carbs.

Best Recovery Drink for Natural Bodybuilding

Since the Body Beast workout extremely exhausts our muscles, restoring glycogen is even more important, but what makes the Fuel Shot the best recovery drink for natural bodybuilders?

One dosage of the Fuel Shot is 74 grams of  a combination of natural dextrose and maltodextrin with 5 grams of whey protein, and virtually nothing else. The Body Beast Fuel Shot has no artificial ingredients, flavors, junk, or unnecessary additives of any kind. It’s very basic and therefore devoid of any untested and/or unsafe ingredients like other products.

Click here to view the Beachbody Fuel Shot post workout recovery drink ingredients.

As I mentioned before, carbohydrates is what you want back in your body but don’t we want protein too? Yes, we certainly do but not at the expense of interfering with our carbohydrate replenishment. This is where the familiar 4:1 ratio of fast carbohydrates to protein comes in. The high carb to protein ratio has been studied extensively by many sources and has been proven to give better results than with higher amounts of protein. Not only will your body will be restored with carbohydrates as efficiently as possible, but a small amount of protein will as well which will help boost protein synthesis.

If you are doing your Body Beast workout properly and/or the ectomorph (skinny frame and hard to gain weight) body type then you will definitely need the Fuel Shot. But 5:1 may be too high for some guys so you can simply add some Hardcore Base Shake to fit your needs. The Base Shake is a combination of slow and fast digesting proteins which has been proven go give better results than simply whey protein alone. Feel free to mix down to as low as a 3:1 carb to protein ratio if you wish but if you need help mixing the right ratio to get the best recovery drink than contact and I’ll gladly help you out.

Lastly, you get important electrolytes back into your body as well, making the Beachbody Fuel Shot the best recovery drink for after your workout and so it is vital to have in your natural bodybuilding supplement routine!


Don’t already have the Body Beast workout bodybuilding program? You can find the Beachbody Fuel Shot recovery drink bundled at a DISCOUNT with the following options below. Or check out my full Body Beast Workout Review.


Body Beast Huge Stack

With the HUGE Stack you get the Body Beast workout with the FREE extra Tempo workout plus the Hardcore Base Shake and Fuel Shot.

Want to go Full BEAST mode? Check out the BEAST Stack.

body-beast-beast-stack-beachbodyBody Beast – BEAST Stack

The BEAST stack includes everything in the HUGE stack plus the MAX Creatine and Super Suma!

Best Recovery Drink Bodybuilding Supplement Conclusion

I don’t care who you are, if your goal is to gain any amount of muscle than you need a post workout recovery shake! If you plan to BEAST UP with Body Beast or similar bodybuilding routine, then you definitely want the best recovery drink for your natural bodybuilding routine. All the Body Beast supplements are top notch quality and are of the highest health standards. The recovery drink after a workout is so important to ensure maximum muscle gains that I highly recommend you get the the Fuel Shot, the best recovery drink post workout supplement available.

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Eddie August 17, 2012 at 5:57 pm

Coach I’ve been loving these Body Beast workouts but I’m still sore after 2 weeks. I still have some P90X Recovery drink and I have been using that. Am I sore because I’m not using the body beast recovery shake?


superdave August 20, 2012 at 2:15 pm

It depends on the situation. Everyone will be sore the first week but I am finding that most of my clients are continually sore due to the heavy resistance training in the Body Beast schedule. Out of all Beachbody programs, getting the nutrition down right with Body Beast is extremely important. I would order the Fuel Shot right away and you can mix the two together until the P90X Results and recover formula is used up. This will serve as a good recovery drink.


Brad August 18, 2012 at 12:00 pm

I know this is a recovery drink for after workouts, but can I use this other times in the day? I like making shakes but don’t have a blender for adding fruits. Thanks superdave, you are a great coach.


superdave August 20, 2012 at 2:19 pm

For you, that is no problem. In fact that may be better than fruits since you are the ectomorph body type (naturally skinny with a high metabolism). So getting more carbs/calories while on the beast is a good idea. Plus ectomorphs often complain they can’t fit in all the food so going fast with liquids is the way to go. Just don’t rely on it too much and be sure to eat whole foods too.


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