X-Beast Schedule – Body Beast / P90X Hybrid

October 7, 2013

Body Beast vs P90X, which is better? They are both great programs that can yield awesome muscle gain results so I decided it was only natural to finally create a Body Beast/P90X hybrid schedule to maximize muscle gains. Some of you may already know this, but a few years back I was known for always […]

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Body Beast Workout Review

July 6, 2012

Beachbody has finally released Body Beast, a home workout program that focuses purely on hypertrophy, the term used to describe increasing muscle mass, muscle size, and enhancing muscle growth. Now with it’s release, everyone has a home workout program that is guaranteed to add 10 pounds to your frame by following the Body Beast muscle […]

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How to Maximize Muscle Mass Gain and Get Ripped with P90X

August 8, 2011

What is Mass Gain? It’s the process of adding more muscle and/or size than your typical body frame. Mass gainis different than “lean mass.” Everybody that has tried P90X knows that it works to lose weight, burn fat, get ripped, etc because P90X is a highly effective weight loss and lean mass muscle builder. By […]

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